Eon Legacy – The Multiverse Role Playing Game for Everyone

Eon Legacy is a Role Playing Game with simple yet powerful systems that give Storytellers or Game Masters (Depending on how you like to run your game) full control of the universe with simple guidelines and templates that allow the players full control of their characters and Storytellers or Game Masters the direction of play.

With The Eon Legacy System Master Collection Bundle we’ve packaged every Sourcebook, every Core Expansion, the Lorebook and a book all about publishing written by the author all in one place at DriveThruRPG at a discount price! With this bundle you’ll get:

  • The Player’s Guide & Game Master’s Sourcebook: All you need to start your adventures into the multiverse with Character Creation, Classes, Original Races and a template for Custom Races, Multiple Optional Interactive Mechanics, Combat Rules, Original Settings and general guidelines for missions and quests.
  • The Creature Catalog – The Book of Encounters: An expanded Custom Race Omnitemplate with dozens of classic and original creations for the Eon Legacy Universe for Player Characters and NPCs to interact with.
  • The Armory: The Universal Expansion with 2 New Core Classes, More Core Races, and more gear to adventure with.
  • Enter the Omnicosmic: The Multiverse Expansion with a new Core Class, A Specialist Class Ruleset and Guidelines for Infinite Custom Classes. This expansion also includes additional Core Races, Universal and Omniversal Storyline Settings, Base Crafting Standards, and World Crafting Guidelines for an endless adventure.
  • The Tome of the Dragon Kings: A “Origin of the Universe” Lorebook for Settings and Thematic worldbuilding.
  • Publish Today: A booklet on publishing your own works across multiple different platforms with all different kinds of art, writing, and original works of your own creation.

The Setting

The Universe and Multiverse is an infinite place. Eon Legacy takes you to a rich and original setting where heroes are made and epics begin in the future. Magic has returned to the world, technology has taken Humankind to the stars and on an intergalactic stage after thwarting an invasion. Various Races, Empires, and Factions strive to discover and secure their place in the Universe and with the discovery of alternative realities, and alternative timelines – that desire to discover has become far greater than the one to secure. While home worlds could be considered Utopias some aren’t ideal and are far from perfect – for rookies it makes for good practice before setting out into the Great Infinity of the Omni-Cosmos.