Eon Legacy – The Multiverse Role Playing Game for Everyone

Eon Legacy is a Role Playing Game with simple yet powerful systems that give Storytellers or Game Masters (Depending on how you like to run your game) full control of the universe with simple guidelines and templates that allow the players full control of their characters and Storytellers or Game Masters the direction of play.

The Essential Sourcebook

E-Book Editions and Expansions

The Eon Legacy System Master Collection Bundle

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Enter the Omniverse

The 4th and most robust expansion of Eon Legacy. This expansion expands even further into the vast unlimited potential of everything that ever was and could be. This expansion delves deep into the primary scope of the vast infinite of possibility and expands the richly established original content with a new Core Class and a Variable Class (Custom Class Guidelines), New Races, New and Revised Factions, New Key NPCs, and over a dozen campaign “Hooks” to begin entirely new adventures across any Universe that can be dreamt up.

The Armory

This is the 3rd official Expansion for Eon Legacy- The Multiverse RPG. Contained herein is the information on two classes formed since Earth’s liberation with new equipment and Space Craft standards. It’s important to remember the content contained within this book may be modified to suit your style of storytelling and should be considered more of guidelines than rules. The Imperial’s have bartered a peace with their longtime allies turned warden after their attempts on Humanity, the Drane, with a royal marriage between their once majestic Empress and the King of the dragons. Drane Guardians and Mages have been spread thin between the two galactic nations and even the Hydral have been pressured to aid the punished Imperial Galactic power while Humankind has made its way across the known universe and colonized the regions beyond the unclaimed territories; they rediscover long dead civilizations and make breakthrough innovations. The various galactic nations have a standing sense of peace but the need of the Katta weighs heavier every day but a recent event may change everything…

The Creature Catalog: The Book of Encounters

Every good game needs a solid “Monster Guide” and this one is no exception to the rule. With dozens of takes on mythical beings, Original Races, a Custom Monster Template or “Omnitemplate” and NPC guidelines you can populate your universes without ever needing another “Monster Book” for this universe.

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