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More About Eon Legacy:
Slowly taking shape in the late 90s, Eon Legacy began its formation into an open content Role Playing Game with Free Form focus in mind for anyone on the go of any age, level of cognitive thinking, and style of play. Contained in this book are the Basics to Character Creation (Including Original Character Races, A Template for Custom Character Races, Original Classes, and all the standard gear one needs to play the game), Various systems for Combat and Interaction, Basics to designing entire worlds and Non Player Characters, Guides for structure and adventure, and a Slew of samples to use. Limitless action and adventure all at your fingertips!

The Eon Legacy System Master Collection Bundle

With The Eon Legacy System Master Collection Bundle we’ve packaged every Sourcebook, every Core Expansion, the Lorebook and a book all about publishing written by the author all in one place at DriveThruRPG at a discount price! With this bundle you’ll get:

  • The Players Guide & Game Master’s Sourcebook: All you need to start your adventures into the multiverse with Character Creation, Classes, Original Races and a template for Custom Races, Multiple Optional Interactive Mechanics, Combat Rules, Original Settings and general guidelines for missions and quests.
  • The Creature Catalog – The Book of Encounters: An expanded Custom Race Omnitemplate with dozens of classic and original creations for the Eon Legacy Universe for Player Characters and NPCs to interact with.
  • The Armory: The Universal Expansion with 2 New Core Classes, More Core Races, and more gear to adventure with.
  • Enter the Omnicosmic: The Multiverse Expansion with a new Core Class, A Specialist Class Ruleset and Guidelines for Infinite Custom Classes. This expansion also includes additional Core Races, Universal and Omniversal Storyline Settings, Base Crafting Standards, and World Crafting Guidelines for an endless adventure.
  • Anime Neo: An Eon Legacy Ruleset, Adventure Conversion, and Thematic Settings Collection for fans of Anime, Manga, Quack Experimental Comedy, Shonen, Shojo, Seinen, Josei, Manhua and and even American Manga. With settings from Yokai Drama to Isekai, Galactic Police to Time Cops, Hard Science Fiction to High Fantasy, and Super Sentai to the Spirit Detectives, Anime Neo has everything you need for any flavor of adventure!
  • The Tome of the Dragon Kings: A “Origin of the Universe” Lorebook for Settings and Thematic worldbuilding.
  • Publish Today: A booklet on publishing your own works across multiple different platforms with all different kinds of art, writing, and original works of your own creation.

Eon Legacy Players Guide and Game Master’s Sourcebook 2-in-1

Set hundreds of years in the future, where magic is real, monsters walk the streets, the wilds of the world had been restored, galactic travel is common and high-tech aliens vie for wealth and glory across the infinite realms in unending multitudes of alternative universes, and fractures of reality. Eon Legacy, takes an action-adventure RPG approach from it’s own rich original lore and with it’s great wealth of expanding content will keep the story going forever.

  • Multiple Different Included Optional Mechanics for players of all ages and and skill levels may partake.
  • Over a Dozen of Original Player Races and Tools for Player Created Character Races (Bring whatever from wherever as long as the Storyteller says “yes”).
  • Original Classes for all different styles of play from Sword Wielding Martial Artists to Magic Gauntlet Brandishing Space Paladins and Power Armor Clad Gunslinger Space-Cats.
  • Tools for World Crafting, NPC Crafting, and already established Lore for Storytellers to use.
  • Rich Original Characters and Lore to populate your universe and use as samples for far greater expansive stories.

The Expansions

The Creature Catalog: The Book of Encounters

Every good game needs a solid “Monster Guide” and this one is no exception to the rule. With dozens of takes on mythical beings, Original Races, a Custom Monster Template or “Omnitemplate” and NPC guidelines you can populate your universes without ever needing another “Monster Book” for this universe. A Hard-Copy Version is currently in the works with lots of art to populate the book.

The Armory

This is the 3rd official Expansion for Eon Legacy- The Multiverse RPG. Contained herein is the information on two classes formed since Earth’s liberation with new equipment and Space Craft standards. It’s important to remember the content contained within this book may be modified to suit your style of storytelling and should be considered more of guidelines than rules. The Imperial’s have bartered a peace with their longtime allies turned warden after their attempts on Humanity, the Drane, with a royal marriage between their once majestic Empress and the King of the dragons. Drane Guardians and Mages have been spread thin between the two galactic nations and even the Hydral have been pressured to aid the punished Imperial Galactic power while Humankind has made its way across the known universe and colonized the regions beyond the unclaimed territories; they rediscover long dead civilizations and make breakthrough innovations. The various galactic nations have a standing sense of peace but the need of the Katta weighs heavier every day but a recent event may change everything…

Enter the Omniverse

The 4th and most robust expansion of Eon Legacy. This expansion expands even further into the vast unlimited potential of everything that ever was and could be. This expansion delves deep into the primary scope of the vast infinite of possibility and expands the richly established original content with a new Core Class and a Variable Class (Custom Class Guidelines), New Races, New and Revised Factions, New Key NPCs, and over a dozen campaign “Hooks” to begin entirely new adventures across any Universe that can be dreamt up.

Anime Neo

An Eon Legacy Ruleset, Adventure Conversion, and Thematic Settings Collection. Calling all Anime/Manga Fans and tabletop RPG enthusiasts! Are you ready to dive into a world where the action is electrifying, the stories epic, and power-ups are practically a guarantee? Then grab your dice (optionally :D) and prepare to enter the Anime Neo (X Mangaverses) ruleset for Eon Legacy!


  • New Core Settings and Augmented Ruleset for faster action at Level 1.
  • 100+ Pages of New Content, Lore, Mechanics and Content
  • Alternative History changing core racial mechanics for Player Origins.
  • New Core Mechanics for every Class.
  • Added “Soulbound Gear” Mechanic for Gear Progression in addition to standard Upgrades and Character Proficency.
  • Added “Moxie System” Mechanic for increased speed Starting Combat.
  • Added “Syncro Chains” Mechanic for Single Character and Multi-Character Combined Attacks.
  • Added “The Neoverse/Multiverse/Omniverse/Infiniverse” Campaign Ideas for Storytellers.
  • Added over 10 “Campaign Settings” for Storytellers.
  • Added an Improved Narrative for Random Encounters.
  • Added a Random Encounter List with Anime and Manga Tropes.
  • Added a Collection of potential “Antagonists” for various adventures.

The Eon Legacy System – Abridged – Introductory Primer

The Eon Legacy System is a simple and robust method of implementing interaction between Players and a Storyteller’s/Game Master’s established environment and content. This book is a great place to start with the mechanics, some core content, and the basic needs to begin. You’ll find a great volume of original content in Eon Legacy’s Sourcebooks and Expansions but without the data within this supplement it would be impossible to play the game. We drafted this booklet so that Players and Storytellers would have a quick reference in case the larger books were not on hand. This abridged supplemental is taken from the Eon Legacy Player’s Guide & Game Master’s Sourcebook.

This Abridged Edition includes: Core Mechanics, 2 Core Classes, 2 Core Races, Character Creation Standards, Basic Items, and Progression System Standards. This also includes a $4 discount offer for the Full Player’s Guide and Game Master Sourcebook!

Eon Legacy Fiction

Tome of the Dragon King’s

Looking for some content? Want something a little older than the modern universe? How about a trip into the origin of the Multiverses? Maybe even the origin of the Omniverse. Look no further than this booklet based on an abridged take on the Xenoarchaeology and deep dive into lore from the Drane Kingdom, it’s rise into an empire, and it’s dwindling back to a moderate sized galactic star nation after it’s glorious expansion.

Nonfiction by R.A.G. Rankin

Publish Today

“When my college professors couldn’t answer my questions I had to learn how to do it on my own. It wasn’t fair – thousands of dollars spent on books and education only to be told “You need to find an agent” so I taught myself. This is what I learned. My question is:
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