These are frequently asked questions about Eon Legacy:

Q: What does this game/community thing cost?
A: Check out The Store for the books and The Storyteller’s Corner for expanded universe and world-building content.

Q: What do you play this game on?
A: Eon Legacy is a Multisystem Open Ended Role Playing Game. We suggest around a table with some of the important information printed out for personal use. Some people like to memorize or keep their info on their phone since the system can be done in shorthand. Other people just go anywhere and use it as a conversation filler. You can Play Eon Legacy anywhere you can vocally communicate between yourself and the Storyteller, however, with the advent of technology we’ve seen the game played on chat programs, forums, and even through group text messages over the phone. We even have folks whom are vocally impaired whom play through the use of tabletop characters and dictation devices.

Q: What can this game do that others cant?
A: Eon Legacy works as an “Open Ended” and “Unbound Content” RPG. The Sourcebook gives you the guidelines to make worlds, universes, and all the creatures within them with very simple steps and structure. This means if your in the mood for a “Gothic Thriller” you can make it happen or if you want “Space Opera” that may take a few more moments of brain storming on the Storyteller’s part!

Q: How many people can play at once in a “Session”?
A: An Ideal player group is 4-7 people. The maximum player group without having to use multiple Storytellers is about 14 but if someone wants to have a go and are up to the task of leading more through a storytelling then by all means do it!

Q: I want my friends to get this game but they don’t have the money for an E-book. Can’t I just print everything out?
A: Eon Legacy is a game that is meant to be controlled by the GM/Storyteller but not to wind up someone’s copy shop sourcebook, if you own an E-book you have a right to share a copy through Amazon’s book-sharing system (if that’s the edition you purchased). A page or two won’t hurt for your friend to keep as a quick reference but when whole books are made without license we can’t offer any support and frown upon piracy of a product that took years to produce. For this reason we have fixed the The Essential Rulebook “The GM’s and Players Sourebook” at about 10 dollars USD so almost everyone can afford it. Please check it out at The Store for more information.

Q: When do expansions come out?
A: Most Expansions come out when they’re completed. We don’t have a working time-table because everything but the art is written by one person. Currently you can Purchase the Core Sourecbook, The Book of Encounters, and download the Free “World Maker” once the Storyteller’s Corner gets put together.