Eon Legacy: Players Guide and Game Master’s Sourcebook Revised and Released to the public!
If you have this business card then you have your hands on a small piece of history…

Everyone starts somewhere. Eon Legacy started over two decades ago and has evolved!

Same cover but some new content!
The only place to GET the hard copy: Lulu!

As of 11/21/2019 the latest iteration of Eon Legacy’s core rulebook went public! With it came the update to ALL versions of the E-Books across every official platform: Amazon, Drive Thru RPG and Fiction, Wargame Vault and a few other 3rd part locations.

While we’re not going “Full Color” just yet- we do have plans in the future for an art book with some future takes on different characters.

This newest revision doesn’t make any major changes to the content. You don’t have to “Buy the newest book to play”. The revisions are mostly visual and formatting corrections with a few minor mechanics changes and some art shuffled around and an added image. However, the primary drive is the mystery sandwich of SEEING what’s inside.

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The only place to get the hard copy, as mentioned earlier, is Lulu. They stuck with us when other big publishers wouldn’t! However, you can pick up a copy from one of the epubs we use like Amazon and DriveThruRPG:

Don’t forget to check The Store for the expansions for Eon Legacy’s RPG too! The adventure doesn’t end!

We’ll see you… at the conventions!