Role Playing Game’s “Armory” is “awesome”

Hyper Rangers – Everything you wanted to be as a kid with everything you could imagine built into the leveling of your character…

The Armory gives us a look at the “Bigger picture” of Eon Legacy and the Multiverse at large.

Players hail this indi Role Playing Game as awesome. 2019 has seen some big movement with Eon Legacy. Revision for the Essentials, The Armor, and The Loaded Creature Catalog is due soon! This has exposed many more to the game and it’s mechanics and the latest expansion provides for greater customization of the experience.

What’s changed?

Due to the uniform nature of progression with the Hyper Rangers and the excessive amount of flexibility with the Power Fighters players have been given some further accessibility with Multi-Classing or even starting from scratch and it’s only a matter of time until things move into full swing. The Store has quite a selection for the game and it’s expansions.

We are approaching what I would like to call the “New Age of Wonder” in the game. We’ve unveiled the major contenders across the known universe and things on the edge of it. I’ve gone to conventions and seen writers pick up my book just like the excited players, glance through the introduction and ask “When’s the next demonstration session” and I’ve had to begrudgingly say “I’m only here today.” and watch the excitement fade. I want to tell those stories and see everyone go home smiling.

R.A.G. Rankin
The Slayers can use their Tech Armor but are far more magically enhanced combatants.

We’ve made much progress with world-building this year. The only way to go is up from here! There are even rumors that other content creators are consuming Eon Legacy’s books at an exponential rate. Newly written Lorebook “The Tome of the Dragon Kings” can be found over at The Storyteller’s Corner.