Eon Legacy’s stepping into the New Decade and expanding!

The Multiverse Role Playing Game has an expansion in the works this year…

The Hydral can still shapeshift into whatever they want. That’s not going to change…

Last year we saw “The Armory“. December of 2019 brought The Essentials Bundle which carries The Armory with it. This year there is a new kid on the block! We’re not just “Adding” some classes and modifiers. No, we’ve got a whole new mechanic that brings the game to all new heights. We’ll let the author, R.A.G. Rankin explain:

There are a lot of Supplements or Modules/Revisions/Editions in all the franchises out there. Staggering in number. I got the bundle out and people have been happy with the result (some wanting “MOAR ART” which is coming but that’s all coming out of my pocket). Yes, it’s all the “Live” copies of the Bundle will continue to get populated with art, formatting, correction content and we’ll update the E-Books until we can’t anymore but we’re not going to drop into the “niche” categorization as other games do. That’s what I’ve done and that’s what the future holds!

R.A.G Rankin on the road-map for Eon Legacy.
Remember, some Guardian’s don’t even need Gauntlets but they still need to block.

The Battle Plan is simple:

“Make something everyone can use once they can play.”

I think the best instance of someone learning how to play and wanting something more akin to their favorite Anime and Fiction was a youth whom had purchased the game and asked if there “was something more than the Classes provided?” which made me smile and told them it was on the way.

R.A.G. Rankin on the next Expansion

The following questions are: What IS the next expansion? What will it have?

The answer is:

Psions and Savants

1 Core Class and one EVERYTHING Class.

We’ve got our own “Bards” and “Invisible Space Wizards” in the form of Psions and our own “Jack-of-All-Trades with the Savants! All you could want to bring anything you could want from anywhere and anything! You want a Ninja/Gunslinger/Magician and you don’t have the time to Multi-Class? Savants! Got a good range of imagination on the fly? Savants! Got a “Super Hero” idea where the Core Classes don’t fit and 2-3 multi-class build won’t work? Savants! Do you want a Mind-Melting ESPer? Psions will do that! Do you like Jo Jo? Psions will fit what you’re looking for!

Magically Enhanced Power Fighters not enough? A Savant with the right skills will do the job!

This expansion should drop some time in March. However, you’ll want to pick up the bundle before it launches because without them you won’t have a universe to play in but with this expansion you’ll be able to put your ideal characters anywhere in the Multiverse both Eon Legacy and that of your own ideal!

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