The RPG Bundle of Infinite Possibilities

Eon Legacy – The Multiverse RPG has been a “Sleeper Hit” for almost a decade. Now, it’s got a Master Collection Bundle with all you need for an Infinite Number of Possibilities…

It’s no longer a matter of “What game to play?” but “What to play today?”. In the first sourcebook I made it so people could play with “Any Race”. The latest installment of Eon Legacy has gone above and beyond what folks would call “An Expansion” but a “Complete Conversion Platform”. Because of the “Any Race” option and various “Core Classes” provided in the 1st and 3rd installments the 4th has the guidelines for “Any Class”. Those are just some of the highlights of this bundle. New Core Races, Multiversal and Omnicosmic Factions, and over a dozen “Universal and Multiversal Mechanics” that provide huge wealth of Original In-Multiverse content (and outside too)!

“I used to “Multiclass” as an Arcane-Chaos Mage but now I can be a Specialist Archmagi” – Yiver Losvada, The Hero of Chaos

They also included an further expanded set of standards to expand the world-crafting of Game Masters and Loremasters alike. This means you can convert any setting you can imagine over to Eon Legacy. Any Science Fiction, Fantasy, Hard Sci-Fi, Science Fantasy, High Fantasy, Dark Fantasy – the list can go on but any setting is little more than a few lists of Spells and Skills for the desired Classes. Homebrewing has never been easier with the wealth of samples within the Core Sourcebooks and variety of “Optional Mechanics”.

With all these features we’d also like to remind you that we’ve got a heavy focus on accessibility for all. With all of that Eon Legacy is also getting official VTT Support on platforms such as: SceneGrinder and RPG Stories.

There are no “Editions“. There are no “Revisions“. There might be some formatting corrections here and there but that’s it. Everything is Canon because it’s the Multiverse and applies across an Omnicosmic scale. I made a game everyone and anyone can play in any world they want. I’m not going to name the worlds but I can tell you when I was a kid we were playing in every world I and my players wanted to. I’ve got Player Characters that were trained by your favorite Anime Hermits, other’s that took a trip to Brutal-dark worlds to have their weapons forged by eldritchly enchanted Blacksmiths from a very gutsy Manga, yet another took a portal to Ruined Earth and got themselves a pistol with voice activated ammo switching. I could go on. There are thousands of hours of “Conversion Playtesting”. It works. We had fun. I hope you do too! This Bundle has all you need!

R.A.G. Rankin, on the creation of “Enter the Omniverse” and The Eon Legacy System Master Collection Bundle