An Anime and Manga RPG Ruleset 28 years in the making

Unleash Your Inner Hero with Anime Neo!

Calling all Anime/Manga Fans and tabletop RPG enthusiasts! Are you ready to dive into a world where the action is electrifying, the stories epic, and power-ups are practically a guarantee? Then grab your dice (optionally :D) and prepare to enter the Anime Neo (X Mangaverses) ruleset for Eon Legacy!

Not your average campaign setting, Anime Neo throws wide the doors to anime and manga-inspired adventures. Want to create a stoic swordsman with a mysterious past? A bubbly magical girl with a hidden power? Or a team of wisecracking vigilantes protecting the city from nefarious villains? This rulebook’s got you covered.

Level up faster with new core mechanics: Forget the slow grind! Anime Neo streamlines character creation and progression, letting you unleash your inner hero from the get-go. Soulbound Gear gives your equipment a unique edge, the Moxie System lets you jump into combat with style, and Syncro Chains enable flashy team attacks that would make even the most seasoned anime protagonist proud.

But it’s not just about combat: This isn’t just a ruleset or “Theme Rewrite”, it’s a treasure trove of storytelling inspiration. Dive into alternative history settings, explore over a dozen unique campaign ideas, and get lost in a random encounter system brimming with anime and manga tropes. From hilarious misunderstandings to world-ending threats, your adventures will never be dull!

Ready to unleash your inner anime hero? Anime Neo (X Mangaverses) is your gateway to a world of epic storytelling, over-the-top action, and endless possibilities. So gather your friends, dust off your dice (with optional mechanics), and get ready to shout out your attack names with conviction – it’s time to make your anime dreams a reality!

P.S. Remember, you’ll need the Eon Legacy Core Rulebooks to fully join the fun. But trust us, the journey into Anime Neo is more than worth it!

Anime Neo Features:

  • New Core Settings and Augmented Ruleset for faster action at Level 1.
  • 80+ Pages of New Content, Lore, Mechanics and Content
  • Alternative History changing core racial mechanics for Player Origins.
  • New Core Mechanics for every Class.
  • Added “Soulbound Gear” Mechanic for Gear Progression in addition to standard Upgrades and Character Proficency.
  • Added “Moxie System” Mechanic for increased speed Starting Combat.
  • Added “Syncro Chains” Mechanic for Single Character and Multi-Character Combined Attacks.
  • Added “The Neoverse/Multiverse/Omniverse/Infiniverse” Campaign Ideas for Storytellers.
  • Added over 10 “Campaign Settings” for Storytellers.
  • Added an Improved Narrative for Random Encounters.
  • Added a Random Encounter List with Anime and Manga Tropes.
  • Added a Collection of potential “Antagonists” for various adventures.

Eon Legacy throws you headfirst into a multiverse of endless possibilities, where every campaign is a unique portal to a different reality. Explore cyberpunk wastelands, soar through mystical sky-cities, or delve into the depths of hidden dimensions – the only limit is your imagination (and maybe your GM’s sanity).

But Eon Legacy ain’t just about hopping worlds. It’s got a robust core system that lets you sculpt your character exactly how you want. Whether you’re a cunning spellcaster, a blade-wielding martial artist, or a tech-savvy gadgeteer, you’ll find the tools to make your hero shine. Plus, the game’s emphasis on fast-paced action and dynamic storytelling keeps every session exciting and unpredictable.

With The Eon Legacy System Master Collection Bundle we’ve packaged every Sourcebook, every Core Expansion, the Lorebook and a book all about publishing written by the author all in one place at DriveThruRPG at a discount price! With this bundle you’ll get:

  • The Player’s Guide & Game Master’s Sourcebook: All you need to start your adventures into the multiverse with Character Creation, Classes, Original Races and a template for Custom Races, Multiple Optional Interactive Mechanics, Combat Rules, Original Settings and general guidelines for missions and quests.
  • The Creature Catalog – The Book of Encounters: An expanded Custom Race Omnitemplate with dozens of classic and original creations for the Eon Legacy Universe for Player Characters and NPCs to interact with.
  • The Armory: The Universal Expansion with 2 New Core Classes, More Core Races, and more gear to adventure with.
  • Enter the Omnicosmic: The Multiverse Expansion with a new Core Class, A Specialist Class Ruleset and Guidelines for Infinite Custom Classes. This expansion also includes additional Core Races, Universal and Omniversal Storyline Settings, Base Crafting Standards, and World Crafting Guidelines for an endless adventure.
  • The Tome of the Dragon Kings: A “Origin of the Universe” Lorebook for Settings and Thematic worldbuilding.
  • Publish Today: A booklet on publishing your own works across multiple different platforms with all different kinds of art, writing, and original works of your own creation.