This Eon Legacy TTRPG Bundle has Everything

Eon Legacy is “Everything” you’ve been dreaming of!

You’ve been craving something new, easy to pick up, play with everyone, and drop into nearly any world of your imagination. You’ve hit the jackpot before but there are dozens of systems, properties, and settings to chose from. It’s ok! Flavor is the spice of life and Eon Legacy is that Neon City buffet for just the right price. Don’t Take our word for it! It’s a Drive Thru RPG Copper Bestseller!

It’s got it’s own robust Lore, Settings, and Mechanics but if you’re looking for something you feel “At home with” they’ve got that covered too! Whether you’re adapting a beloved book, movie, or even another RPG, Eon Legacy makes it smooth. Convert races, Classes, Spells, abilities, and items using intuitive templates and guidelines – no clunky formulas or system clashes. Giving power to the Storyteller and the Players. What’s the best way to get in?

The Bundle! With The Eon Legacy System Master Collection Bundle we’ve packaged every Sourcebook, every Core Expansion, the Lorebook and a book all about publishing written by the author all in one place at DriveThruRPG at a discount price! With this bundle you’ll get:

  • The Player’s Guide & Game Master’s Sourcebook: All you need to start your adventures into the multiverse with Character Creation, Classes, Original Races and a template for Custom Races, Multiple Optional Interactive Mechanics, Combat Rules, Original Settings and general guidelines for missions and quests.
  • The Creature Catalog – The Book of Encounters: An expanded Custom Race Omnitemplate with dozens of classic and original creations for the Eon Legacy Universe for Player Characters and NPCs to interact with.
  • The Armory: The Universal Expansion with 2 New Core Classes, More Core Races, and more gear to adventure with.
  • Enter the Omnicosmic: The Multiverse Expansion with a new Core Class, A Specialist Class Ruleset and Guidelines for Infinite Custom Classes. This expansion also includes additional Core Races, Universal and Omniversal Storyline Settings, Base Crafting Standards, and World Crafting Guidelines for an endless adventure.
  • Anime Neo: An Eon Legacy Ruleset, Adventure Conversion, and Thematic Settings Collection for fans of Anime, Manga, Quack Experimental Comedy, Shonen, Shojo, Seinen, Josei, Manhua and and even American Manga. With settings from Yokai Drama to Isekai, Galactic Police to Time Cops, Hard Science Fiction to High Fantasy, and Super Sentai to the Spirit Detectives, Anime Neo has everything you need for any flavor of adventure!
  • The Tome of the Dragon Kings: A “Origin of the Universe” Lorebook for Settings and Thematic worldbuilding.
  • Publish Today: A booklet on publishing your own works across multiple different platforms with all different kinds of art, writing, and original works of your own creation.

Still concerned it’s a leap? That’s ok! There’s an “Abridged Mechanics Edition” with a tiny asking price of $5.99 USD OR Pay-What-You-Want!

This Abridged Edition includes:

  • Core Mechanics
  • 2 Core Classes
  • 2 Core Races
  • Character Creation Standards
  • Basic Items
  • Leveling Progression System Standards

This also includes a $4 discount offer for the Full Player’s Guide and Game Master Sourcebook. While you get a free coupon for basically free (if you want) you’ll be able to get an idea of what’s the game is all about, how to setup characters, and how the leveling works. While it’s “Barebones” it gives you the skeletal framework to work from. However, you’ll be missing the rest of everything – from items and artifacts to Classes and Races. In theory you could play an “Invasion of Earth” campaign or “Mercs for Moolah” setting but you’ll miss out on the rich interactivity intended!