Eon Legacy’s stepping into the New Decade and expanding!

Last year we saw “The Armory”. December of 2019 brought The Essentials Bundle which carries The Armory with it. This year there is a new kid on the block! We’re not just “Adding” some classes and modifiers. No, we’ve got a whole new mechanic that brings the game to all new heights.

The Bundle Remains! Eon Legacy’s Bundle Deal and what it means…

The High Loremaster, R.A.G. Rankin, has decided that the Eon Legacy Bundle containing The Sourcebook, The Creature Catalog, The Armory, and The Tome of the Dragon Kings will continue past the 1st of January.

The Importance of the “Essentials” for Eon Legacy

The First book was a 2-in-1 with what you need to get started and the second was akin to old “Monster Manuals” with templates to “Bring Anything”.

Eon Legacy’s “Creature Catalog” comes with a bit extra!

The Creature Catalog was released late last year but that doesn’t mean it’s not current! Eon Legacy just released another…

Role Playing Game’s “Armory” is “awesome”

The Armory gives us a look at the “Bigger picture” of Eon Legacy and the Multiverse at large. Players hail…

Eon Legacy: Players Guide and Game Master’s Sourcebook Revised and Released to the public!

Everyone starts somewhere. Eon Legacy started over two decades ago and has evolved! As of 11/21/2019 the latest iteration of…


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